The folks from that brought us HD Widgets for Honeycomb are back with an awesome update to their widgets pack. Their simply beautiful and stunning widget collection is the best you can get for Honeycomb and they’ve just updated to HD Widgets v2.1 and have added support for 7″ tablets and all Android smartphones. Originally just for 10″ tablets but now it is available for all.

From the photo above you can see they have almost every size imaginable and they are highly customizable too. Everything from the Honeycomb version is still there, we now have access to these truly stunning and HD widgets on our phones and smaller tablets, even if not on Honeycomb. You can change everything from the widget size, color, background, clock style and font, even add the power bar widgets instead of weather notifications and more. Here are a few screenshots on a phone:

Everything has been scaled down for the smaller screens, ranging from 3.2″ all he way to current 10″ 1280 x 800 resolutions screens are now fully supported. Now that we are starting to see more 7″ Honeycomb tablets like the recently reviewed T-Mobile Springboard or Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus I decided to test it out on my 7″ Honeycomb tablet and it works great. I’ve not experienced any issues or problems on any screen size I’ve tried thus far.

As you can see from my screenshot everything is highly customizable. Just swipe any of the options to change size, color, font and more and truly make your phone or tablet unique. The updated HD Widgets is available in the market now at a discounted price of just $1.99. We highly recommend you check it out.
HD Widgets Market Link
HD-Widgets-2-540x337 banner HD widgeet 7 )


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