“Hey Google” hotword now working on some smartphones


If you own a Google Home, you might be aware that to call Google Assistant you have to use the phrase “Hey Google” . Now it seems that this phrase is no more exclusive to Google Home smart speakers as it is rolling out to smartphones too. You guys can update your Google App or can wait for the official rollout from Google.

Image Source : Android Police

The new feature is still not live for everyone and even Google didn’t announce anything about it. This feature was first noticed by XDA¬†through Google App APK teardown few days ago. And now the notification to train your voice for “Hey Google” hotword is rolling out to some users. So, if you get a notification to train your voice, simply do it to enable the new hotword on your smartphone. And of course you must have the latest version of Google App installed on your phone. Hence, update the app if it is not up to date. Anyways, you need to wait for the notification or announcement from Google regarding the new “Hey Google” hot word on smartphones.

Even to call Siri and Cortana, they are surging hotword “Hey” but since the beginning Google is sticked to the “OK Google” phrase. Now it is all going to change as the “Hey” hotword is on the roll. Well, do you think the phrase “OK Google” was better and stood out from others ? Comment your opinions below.


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