Huawei might soon come up with its own digital assistant, capable of competing with current key players such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. As per XDA developers, the team behind this discovery says that the digital assistance could be known as, HiAssistant. Although the assistant is likely to be China exclusive, it’s speculated to feature some capabilities that are unavailable on existing assistants.

We should thanks some great minds over there at XDA for deciphering some codes that points finger towards HiAssistant. To be precise, within the latest Chinese Huawei Mate 10’s EMUI 8.1 firmware based on Android 8.1 Oreo. They’ve obtained access to Huawei’s HiAssistant and HiAI applications. Apparantly, almost ending all the uncertainties regarding the existence of Huawei tuned virtual assistant.

The main important source that had revealed all most all capabilities of the supposed HiAssistant is the Huawei’s HiAssistant application itself. Powered by the HiAI Mobile Computing platform, the app provided sneak-peek of the upcoming virtual assistants major capabilities.

Unlike the existing popular digital assistants, the HiAssistant would be different. It packs with at least with its unique ability of Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Which means the AI powered will be able to interpret unclear or improper sentences from voice input.That means, we could deliver casual commands to the assistant as we’d to a normal human without the need of making sentences proper. Well how well the HiAssistant can interpret the unstructured input is as of now a mystery.

HiAssistant Logo

Apart from the NLU, the HiAssistant could be integrated with HiVision – A Samsung Bixby Vision/Google Lens contender. HiAssistant Device Control, for controlling of the vital settings of the phone all through voice input. And, last but not least can be integrated with some popular apps such as QQ and WeChat.

That said, Self-sustainability in digital assistant segment is what some of the tech tycoons have now achieved in a short span of time. Google with its Google Assistant, Samsung’s Bixby, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa have already established their place in the area deploying stiff competition. Now, Huawei too stepping in this business, the virtual assistant arena is further being expanded and crowded in another sense.


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