HMD Global has started sending out media invite for a launch event to be held on May 29 in Moscow, Russia. The media invite reveals that the launch event will be hosted by company’s CEO Florian Seiche, CMO Pekka Rantala and CPO Juho Sarvikas. The company, however, did not disclose any specific details about the devices to be launched at the event. Though, it is highly speculated that the company will be launching 2018 version of Nokia 2, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 alongside new X series devices namely Nokia X5 and X7.

The invite sent by the company reads, “Dear friends. We invite you to worldwide premiere new Nokia phones.” Recently, Nokia TA-1075, TA-1105, and TA-1116 got certified in Russia, and therefore, we may expect these new devices to be launched on May 29.

We ask you to take this piece with a pinch of salt as the company did not reveal any details about the devices to be announced at the upcoming launch event. A recent report indicates that the new Nokia smartphones will not be limited to Russian market only and the company will be launching them globally.

It will be quite exciting to see HMD Global expanding its portfolio with new Nokia devices. Just stay tuned with us as we bring you more updates when HMD Global releases new Nokia smartphones on May 29.


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