Nokia 5.1 – an Android One smartphone by HMD was announced a couple of months ago along with the Nokia 2.1 and Nokia 3.1. However, the device is yet to be available properly on several markets globally. In spite of that, the firm has released the kernel source code of the device much earlier and is a significant deviation from its usual habit.Nokia 5.1

As you know, HMD Global is somewhat despised for not releasing the kernel source code of its Android powered devices in a timely manner. The firm is a little reserved when it comes to the source codes release and only source codes of few Nokia devices have been released so far. Moreover, it takes a lot of time for the firm to release the kernel source code of a specific device.

Well, the Nokia 5.1 kernel source code arrived earlier than we expected. It’s surprising as well. Seems, the firm has finally taken the source code issue seriously to make sure that the codes are made available within 3 months of a device launch.

Although the source code release is of much importance as far as the unofficial development for the device is considered, the other side of the equation – Bootloader Unlock method is missing as usual. Let’s hope that HMD will have a change of mind in near future such that the BL unlock method too will be made public.

Source Code

The kernel source codes ever released of an Android powered Nokia devices can be obtained from Nokia OSRC website.


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