How to fix OnePlus 5 not turning on or booting issue


OnePlus 5 is unarguably one among the powerful devices of 2017. The recently latest, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 that lies at the heart of the device can carry out heavy processes with much ease. There’s no need of explanation as the OnePlus 5 users very well know how tasks are handled by their device. However, no matter how big the devices are, sometimes things get little tricky in our valuable flagship devices. This guide will tell you to solve the OnePlus 5 not turning on issues.

OnePlus 5

Since, there are lots of processes and tasks on going under the hood of current smartphones, especially in powerful flagship devices. Rarely or once in a while devices ought to stumble and eventually stops functioning. Similarly, an uncommon issue that some OnePlus 5 users had reported was related to booting.

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Hence, if you’ve come across any issue such as device not turning on or the boot-loop, follow some first aid methods provided below in order to troubleshoot the issue.

Note: Mostly the issues pop-up due to the improper handling of the device by us, the users itself. Moreover, the below method are particularly for non-rooted devices.

Steps to fix OnePlus 5 not turning on issue

This is one of the major issue among the other OnePlus 5 issues. Let’s see how we can troubleshoot OnePlus 5 not turning on issue:

Fix Boot-Loop in OnePlus 5

Boot-Loop can occur in many ways. Mostly an error or interruption while system upgrade being the common culprit. On the other hand, installation of a malicious or system-tampering app may also lead to your device get trapped in boot-logo.

oneplus 5 not turning on issues


1. Faulty or Error in Software Update.

Solution: Flashing OTA update file manually via ADB Shell or Stock Recovery(If possible).

Software update events are more crucial. An interruption or battery failure during the update process can end up your system files to crash. That is the reason why manufacturers strongly recommend to charge the battery of device upto 60% or above while upgrading.

If by chance, your device doesn’t boot after software update. The foremost thing you can do is grab the official latest OTA update zip file for the OnePlus 5. OTA files can be downloaded from the OnePlus website. Then flash it via ADB in your PC. Possibly it should fix the boot-loop and boots your device finely to the updated firmware.

2. Boot Loop As a Result Of Installed App Conflicts

Diagnosis: How can you know whether the Boot-Loop is as a result of problematic user installed apps? Of course, the Safe Mode is for our rescue. If your device successfully boots in Safe Mode(See below), you can releive that the problem is one or more problematic installed app.

Solution: Factory Reset via Stock Recovery 

A factory reset is needed to rectify the problem. For that, turn on the phone while keeping the volume down button pressed. You’ll be taken to Simple Recovery Mode, where you’ve to choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Note that, while in recovery use Volume down or up button to navigate across options and power button to choose.

How to Enter Safe Mode in OnePlus 5

  • Once the device is in off condition, press and hold the power button until the device starts booting up.
  • As soon as it starts loading, press and hold the volume up and volume down keys simultaneously.
  • Hold these buttons until the boot is complete.
  • Once successfully booted, your device will be running in Safe Mode.

OnePlus 5 Not at all Turns On

Basically, this has got two cases.

Case1:¬†FastBoot Mode accessible, though device can’t boots into even the Splash Screen.

Solution: Try flashing full firmware via ADB.

Case 2: Enough and adequate amount of battery level. But, OnePlus 5 totally dead such that splash screen, recovery mode, and fastboot mode completely inaccessible. Or in other word hard bricked.

OnePlus Splash Screen

Solution: Immediately seek the help of OnePlus service centre. If the malfunctioned device is under warranty and eligible, you’ll probably get it fixed free of cost.


We’ve tried our best to provide you with the best plausible solution for such chaos. It goes without saying that, the method may or may not work on some devices. Nevertheless, if you’re still having trouble after doing above tricks. Let us know your grievance in the comment section below, as we’ll try to solve your issue if viable and possible.


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