Multi window android m

We all know that Google announced next version of Android, Android M with lots of new features and advancements. There are many things that have been embedded into the latest and greatest Android M. There are lot of features that are not announced but present in the Android M or features that are not yet discovered.

Multi window android m

Similarly, there’s a feature of Multi Window which is hidden and is really tricky to turn it on. Google hasn’t publicly said anything about the feature yet, but it turns out there’s experimental support for multi-window mode in the Google Android M.

You can get this feature if you’re running the developer preview right now with some tinkering.

First, you need to edit the build.prop of your device and change the user type from “userbuild” to “userdebug.” Then you can open the settings menu, got to the Developer Options section, scroll down to the bottom, and flip the toggle for multi-window mode.

Once you’ve enabled multi-window mode, you’ll see a new icon next to apps in the Recents menu. After clicking that icon you will go into the Multi Window view.

So did you got the Multi Window view or Not?

For the time being check our Google I/O 2015 portal.


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