How to Install Android P Developer Preview on Essential Phone


Recently at I/O conference, Google has announced the Android P Developer preview for a number of devices including Pixel, Essential, Nokia 7 Plus, etc. We have already covered the method to install Android P on Nokia 7 Plus, you can check our previous post for in-depth info. In this specific write-up, we will be telling you the method to install Android P Developer preview on your Essential Phone. As its name suggests it is currently in Beta phase due to which it is not fit for daily use.

1.) A working Essential Phone.
2.) The device should have a minimum charge of around 60%.
3.) A working USB cable.
4.) This method requires a PC/Laptop.
5.) ADB and Fastboot installed on your machine.
6.) We will suggest you take a complete backup of your device.

Unlocking Bootloader of the Essential Phone

1.) Go into Developer options in system settings, here enable OEM unlocking.
2.) Scroll down and turn on USB debugging as well.
3.) Now connect your device to PC/Laptop using a USB cable.
4.) Open command window/PowerShell in your machine and give the below-mentioned command to reboot into fastboot mode:
adb reboot bootloader
5.) Here in fastboot mode, you will notice that the state of your device is locked, now give the below-mentioned command to make sure that your device is connected:
fastboot devices
6.) In the command window give the below-mentioned command and press enter to unlock, a prompt will appear on device’s screen to confirm the unlocking process here click on yes option:
fastboot flashing unlock
7.) Your device will reboot now and bootloader is finally unlocked.

android p

Installing Android P Developer preview on Essential Phone

1.) Head over to Essential’s developer page and after giving important you will be able to download OTA file.
2.) We will suggest you renaming the file as “” as it may simplify the process.
3.) USB debugging should be enabled on your device.
4.) Connect your device to PC/Laptop using a USB cable.
5.) Now paste that downloaded file into the folder where ADB & Fastboot are installed on PC.
6.) Open command window/PowerShell and give the below-mentioned command to check whether your device has been recognized or not, your device’s serial number will appear:
adb devices
7.) Now give the below-mentioned command to reboot into recovery mode:
adb reboot recovery
8.) Hold the Power+Vol up button and you will enter the recovery menu.
9.) Here select the option “apply update from ADB” and press the power button to confirm.
10.) Give the below-mentioned command to install Android P:
adb sideload (here is the name associated with the downloaded file)
11.) Once it finishes processing click on the reboot option and the first boot might take a while.


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