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In I/O conference Google made a couple of big announcements and one of them is Android P Beta ROM. As announced by Google, Android P Beta is now available for a number of devices including Pixel and Nokia 7 Plus. Now, most of us are in a fix that how to install it, from where to download the Android P file, etc. In our today’s write-up, we will be telling you the way to install Android P Beta on your Nokia 7 Plus.

Unlike the Pixel devices, there is no method for getting OTA on other devices so you need to install it manually using ADB and Fastboot tools.

1.) A running Nokia 7 Plus smartphone with a minimum charge of about 60%.
2.) A working USB cord.
3.) Android P Beta ROM for Nokia 7 Plus.
4.) ADB and Fastboot should be installed on your PC.

How to install Android P on Nokia 7 Plus

How to Install Android P Developer ROM on Nokia 7 Plus?

1.) Firstly go to the Nokia Developer page and here sign in with your Google or Facebook account.
2.) Now enter the device’s IMEI number, Operator, Country and register it.
3.) It will add your Nokia 7 Plus successfully and will display a message “validation ok”.
4.) Click Install manually and tick the below-given checkbox.
5.) Here click on the Download zip file option and place this file somewhere on your PC.
6.) Now allow USB debugging on your device and do note that this process will wipe your entire data so don’t forget to take a complete backup of your data.
7.) Connect your device to PC and open Powershell/Command prompt in it. Now give the command “fastboot devices” and it will show your device as detected.
8.) Now in command prompt give the below-mentioned command to boot into recovery mode:
“adb fastboot recovery”
9.) Now Wipe all user data from the recovery menu and from the bootloader menu select recovery option.
10.) Hold Power+Vol up combination for a while and a menu will appear, here select “apply update from ADB”.
11.) Type the below-mentioned command and confirm sideload on your device’s display:
“adb devices”
12.) Give the below-mentioned command to install the zip file, here “adb sideload ota_file” is the name of a file you have downloaded.
“adb sideload”
13.) Now after installation just reboot your device, the first boot might take somewhere around 10 min so there is nothing to bother.
14.) Your Nokia 7 Plus is now running Android P Beta ROM.

This Android P Beta build brings a number of new features including adaptive battery, HDR VP9 video support and more.

Visit Nokia Developer page


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