how to overclock

Overclocking is a method by which you could increase the performance of your Phone’s processor. You could overclock and the phone would run even faster than it is made too. However there are various steps you need to take and so as to overclock your processor of phone. Also it is highly risky and you could end up bricking your phone, if you are not doing it the right way. So read below the following points so as to make your concepts a bit more clear before you end up bricking your phone.

how to overclock


The following will b the steps involved when you are looking to overclock your Android Phone.

  • Root your phone. To overclock you need to flash Kernel to your phone, but for that you have to get the unlimited access on your phone. And for that you have to root it.
  • But keep in mind that rooting your phone will void the warranty of your phone.
  • Replace the Android Stock recovery with the CWM or TWRP Recovery. It will allow you to install additional kernels and CUSTOM ROM’s on your phone. As the custom Android recovery does not allow you to do so.
  • Also keep in mind that, some CUSTOM ROM’s come pre- installed with the kernels that would allow you to overclock your phone’s processor. SO you have to keep in  mind that if you ROM supports it, you need not install any Kernel.
  • If your ROM does not have Kernels that allow you to overclock your Phone’s processor, then you would have to manually install the kernel so as to overclock it.
  • Download the required Kernels, and you will be done. Wipe the Data and then flash the kernel using the CWM and TWRP Recovery. But do take care that the kernel you are trying to flash the kernel, supports your phone. Because if you flash the unsuitable kernel, you may end up bricking your phone.
  • After you done with the kernel, install the app SET-CPU which is available on the Play Store. And then overclock your processor.
  • Note that overclocking your processor will improve the performance, but also you keep in  mind that the life of your processor would also decrease. ut not that much, that you should not overclock it.

So these were some of the basics steps you need to follow to overclock your processor of your Phone. i hope the concept of overclocking would now be somewhat clear in your mind.


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