While it appears that the HP TouchPad is now sold out completely (or so we’re lead to believe,) the cash flow has just begun – in ad form. It’s not HP who will be profiting in this little situation right here, but they can count on developers of apps making a pretty penny in the last week and a half to be reconsidering their move away from webOS in the wake of HP’s ditching of the hardware. As ad agency Jumptap, a group that works with mobile ads for both Android and webOS, amongst others, reports, in just the past 10 days the ad revenue of the TouchPad has nearly caught up with Android tablets.

Android tablets should by now be in their prime, right? Not especially. While nearly every manufacturer under the sun has indeed released an Android tablet of some sort, you’ve got to consider the fact that Honeycomb, Android’s tablet-specific OS, is less than a year old itself. Of course you don’t see the iPad’s numbers on here, but given the amount of apps currently available for the Android tablet-specific world of Honeycomb at the moment, the TouchPad had a pretty good chance of catching up pretty quick.
But this quick? Ten days and the TouchPad has a HIGHER tablet traffic share than Android did 10 days ago. Android remains on top here in this chart, but look at those gains! As our source James Kendrick of ZDNet notes, this chart shows traffic and not sales, but Jumptap assures us that the sales are certainly reflected in the end.
Now the next question is: what will happen to these numbers when the TouchPad has Android running reliably and eventually works with CyanogenMod 7?
We shall see!
[via ZDNet]


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