Who’s ready for another crazy round of HP tablets selling like crazy for the low low price of just $99? New details have now confirmed HP will be having a huge sale on refurbished TouchPads starting at $99 for the 16GB model and going up from there. Sunday December 11th on the HP Ebay Store you’ll get a chance to snag an awesomely cheap tablet — then install CM7 on that bad boy.

Apparently starting December 11th (Sunday) at 6:00 PM Central time the Ebay store will open up and start accepting orders for the refurbished units. I have a feeling things will get a little crazy and they’ll probably sell like hot cakes. From there you’ll see information on Android OS installations such as CM7 and more for the TouchPad.
We are hearing there will be limited quantities but I have a feeling they have a pretty big stash. Users will be required to pay via paypal but that shouldn’t be an issue for most that have used Ebay in the past. Although this is awesome news there is a small catch:
— The tablets will be refurbished tablets.
— TouchPads are limited to two per customer.
— All sales are final.
— There is only a 90 day warranty.
It was recently updated to alpha 3 and should work quite well for all you current and future TouchPad users.
Who’s buying one?
[via liliputing]


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