We knew that HP was working on delivering a 7-inch version of its TouchPad tablet, but when the company announced it was to cease development of its webOS hardware and look to either license or sell its mobile operating system, we never got the chance to see it.
A new leak, which surfaced on a Chinese forum, shows the TouchPad Go (codenamed Opal) in all it’s 4:3 glory, suggesting the company was actually working one something a little more unique than a like-for-like iPad competitor.

That the person who posted the new shots has been in possession of the TouchPad Go for around three months and claims it has the same 1024 x 768 resolution as the larger TouchPad and the same 1.5GHz APQ8060 Snapdragon processor. It is also said to have 16GB of storage, and both front and back facing cameras.

Interestingly, the device may also have included an NFC module.
In August, we spoke with a source close to HP who said that when the company announced it was to stop webOS device manufacturing, the TouchPad Go was already in production and was fully expected to launch in the coming months. Internally, HP employees saw the TouchPad Go as a better looking and nicer feeling device that had the potential to sell, with it believed that sales of the device would outpace the TouchPad’s if it had been released before its larger cousin.
Why the company decided against launching a 10-inch model over its small counterpart we may never know – we will just have to console ourselves with images that emerged today.



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