After having spent a number of years in developing its brand value on the global stage, Taiwan based HTC Corp has recently become the biggest international brand of the island. HTC is said to be reaping the benefit from the efforts that it has put in through the years as it is currently valued at around $3.605 billion, which is the highest value among the largest 20 companies in the country. Propelled by the rapid growth in its brand recognition throughout the world, the brand value of HTC has increased by more than two times from its valuation of $1.37 billion last year when one of the biggest PC vendors of the world, Acer, topped the rankings with a value of $1.4 billion.
However, this year the value of HTC has surpassed even the combined totals of the second largest company Acer and the third largest, Asustek. Observers of the market have stated that it is very likely that HTC will make its way into the top 100 brands in the world this year. It is a very prevalent opinion across Taiwan that HTC, which spent just a couple of years building its brand name in the smartphone market of the world, has been a huge success along with being the best example of enterprises in Taiwan, especially to companies which aspire to make a global brand name for themselves from being low margin manufacturers. The HTC CEO, Peter Chou, has stated that he is very proud of the recent achievements of his company and even amazed by them, saying that HTC owed this to its worldwide consumers.
He remembered that five years ago, the determination of the company to build itself into a global brand was considered very bold, as during those times most Taiwanese enterprises were reluctant in competing with established brands due to the costs and risks involved. Citing the success of his company, he even prompted other such companies based in Taiwan to develop their own brand names in terms of their competencies.
However, he also stressed, that this process can require a lot of patience and time, and it will very likely not be immediately successful. This year has been very good for HTC so far in terms of profits and it is well positioned to register a strong growth in its business for the third straight year.


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