A few weeks ago news broke about a massive security flaw in nearly all of HTC’s current Android devices, stemming from customizations that the manufacturer made to the core Android files. Shortly after the flaw came to light, HTC vowed to fix the issue, and today some of its high-profile device are receiving their first updates. According to Android Police (Who broke the security story in the first place) the Evo 3D, Evo 4G, Evo View 4G and the new EVO Design 4G are all being updated now.

That’s just a small percentage of HTC’s Android devices, but at the very least one carrier seems determined to apply the fixes as soon as possible. Updates on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon will likely follow soon. HTC said that the Thunderbolt in particular would be patched as part of the new Gingerbread update that fixes bugs introduced in the last update, though there’s still no official date for it. We’ll keep you updated.
The HTC security flaw stemmed from the manufacturer’s logging techniques, which keep a record of all the actions taken on the phone for support purposes. Unfortunately, it also left a backdoor for control of Android processes by some or all apps, and may even allow complete remote control and copying through the mobile network. Android security enthusiasts were outraged at the oversight, which affected all phones running HTC’s Sense UI customization. EVO users can manually check for the update now, or wait for the automatic message to appear as the rollout reaches all users.


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