HTC’s rumored “gender specific” phone, the HTC Bliss just got FCC approval. The smartphone for women is on its way to Verizon (according to its radio bands). The Bliss was recently mentioned in a leaked Verizon roadmap, and with FCC approval it can’t be too far off.

The HTC Bliss is going to be a Gingerbread and Sense UI sporting global phone for Big Red. The phone has been rumored to be designed for and aimed at women. We’re not entirely sure what exactly that entails, but we may soon be finding out.
The Bliss just got FCC approval with Verizon’s 850/1900 CDMA bands, WiFi, BLuetooth, and a GSM radio for kicks and giggles. Unfortunately that’s all the specs we have to go on for now. For a phone aimed specifically at women, what we’ve seen so far indicates that this phone focuses more on design than specs.

What’s your thoughts on the idea of making a phone “for women?” It seems a bit strange to me and a little awkward. Ladies would you be interested in a phone aimed specifically at you over guys, or does it sound as ridiculous to you as it does me? I can’t wait to see what Verizon’s marketing campaign will be…
[via Engadget]


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