Yesterday it was learned that HTC filed another lawsuit against Apple, but this time it was citing infringements on patents that it acquired from Google. What was unclear was how HTC got the patents from Google. HTC said today that it bought them from Google.

In a statement provided to All Things D, HTC says that it did indeed purchase the patents from Google, and that Google did not just give them to HTC free of cost. HTC did not state how much it paid for the patents. HTC could have paid fair market value for them, or Google could have subsidized the cost of the patents to ensure that HTC had them to use in its battle with Apple.
Google confirmed that it transferred the patents to HTC, but it would not reveal any more details about the transaction. The transfer of these patents to HTC, which were originally granted to Palm, Motorola, and Openwave, is the first time that Google has stepped in to help an Android manufacturer fight a lawsuit against Apple.

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