Interested in buying a HTC Desire 816 but are not happy with the existing color options HTC has to offer? We have some piece of information that might just cheer you up. The Desire 816 has reportedly been spotted in pink color in Hong kong. This pink color comes as an addition to the color palette already  boasting of  black, red, white, gray and green color.

The Desire 816 was recently launched in Hong Kong is pink color alongside Desire 610 and Desire 616. But as of now, the Desire 816 (pink) is only available in Hong Kong. So if you reside anywhere outside Hong Kong, you’ll have to wait for some time for HTC to release the device globally unless you want to fly to Hong Kong.

The pink Desire 816 though does not have anything different from its differently colored siblings other than the color, sporting the same specs. So even if you cannot get your hands on the pink variant, there’s nothing to worry as it doesn’t differ a bit in terms of performance.


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