HTC Doubleshot details surface


I really love it when details of unannounced handsets surface by way of geeks that pour through user agent profiles. These are long lists of text that unveiled a few little details here and there about what the smartphone will be like. We still don’t have an actual photo of the Doubleshot to go along with the new specs that have surfaced, but a bit of info is better than none. The last time we talked about the Doubleshot was back in early March when it was tipped to be heading to the T-Mobile network.

The latest info that surfaced gives us a bit more to go on and may pique your interest for the new smartphone. The user agent profile shows that the smartphone will have a physical QWERTY keyboard and no soft keys. The smartphone runs Android Gingerbread for the OS. It will support JavaScript and has a pixel aspect ratio of 1×1. The screen resolution for the Doubleshot is 480 x 800.
Other features tipped include sound output and the device will accept text and voice input. Other details that Pocketnow reports are gleaned from an online benchmarking tool include a 1.2GHz CPU, a 6MP camera with HDR capacity. The publication also thinks that the Doubleshot name may refer to a 3D camera the phone has. Other features include WiFi and Bluetooth. The phone may hit T-Mobile in July.



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