It’s the end of an era, folks. T’was the world’s first 4G smartphone and first Android device to feature a 4.3-inch screen and front facing camera. Yes folks, the HTC EVO 4G will finally reach its “End of Life” (EOL) in only a few short weeks. Even though the Evo 4G beat out all other Android devices in sales last quarter, that wasn’t enough to save the device from EOL’ing. In fact, the white Evo 4G has actually been rushed to the slaughter house a little sooner with it reaching its untimely death only a few days ago on Sept 18th.
Keep in mind, this is an actually an updated list from the EOL we posted back in July and it serves as a bitter reminder of the (black) HTC Evo 4G’s fate. Anyone else feeling a bit sentimental about this?
(Oh yeah — and the Echo will be discontinued too.)
[Via SprintFeed]


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