Anyone in the UK looking for an excuse to purchase the HTC Flyer will probably be very pleased to hear that Best Buy UK has just slashed the price of HTC’s Gingerbread tablet! The price of the WiFi HTC Flyer has been cut from £480 to £329. Subtract the 17.5 VAT that they tack on in the UK and covert that number to dollars and you’re left with a HTC Flyer that’s priced right around $400.
Best Buy UK has not revealed the reasoning behind the massive price cut, but we have a feeling that it has something to do with the imminent launch of the HTC Puccini. We’re expecting HTC to unveil the HTC Puccini any day now and we’re thinking that they want to clear some extra space on the shelf and the £480-£500 price range.

We’re hoping Best Buy will be dropping the price of the WiFi HTC Flyer here in the U.S. as well, but we won’t be holding our breath. Would a cheaper HTC Flyer make you change your mind about a Gingerbread powered tablet? Keep in mind, HTC has promised that they will eventually roll out a Honeycomb update to the Flyer.
Source: Best Buy UK Via: Eurodroid


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