htc petra

As per the reports, HTC is going to introduce itself to the world of wearables aka smartwatches with ‘Halfbeak’. It is Android wear based smartwatch which is reportedly under development.

htc petra

There are lot of manufacturers they are diving into smartwatch market. So does HTC, if it is true. We are hoping this smartwatch to be different from other as smartwatch market have lot of potential to make a wayout for HTC from bad financial conditions.

According to some anonymous info, HTC is developing a smartwatch with a round 360x360px display. The watch is codenamed halfbeak. further it states that HTC is going to introduce it at September 29th event along with two new smartphones.

So it seems HTC is cooking something different. Let’s see when and how they serve.

What do you guys expecting from HTC smartwatch? Share your views via comment box below.


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