The HTC Inspire 4G was released in January of 2011, and followed in the footsteps of the big-screen, multimedia packed 4G mindset and formula that seemingly every other smartphone manufacturer has employed this year. Make a big rectangular phone with a large, clear screen, add a powerful processor and tons of multimedia options, and the buying public will snatch it up.
And following that formula has worked well for HTC and AT&T, who offers this capable HTC 4G phone on their 4G network. Here are HTC Inspire 4g Full Specs :

The screen of the Inspire is 4.3 inches, and has the four familiar Android menu buttons below it, as well as three capacitive keys. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, and offers 480 x 800 pixel resolution, with multitouch gesture support. Typical for 4G phones, a proximity sensor and a light sensor are also present.

Software and OS
On the software side, Android 2.3 is supported through an over the air upgrade, and the processor on board is a single core Snapdragon 1.0 GHz chip, backed up by 768 MB of RAM memory. Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread operating system is the most current Android operating system to date. The HTC Sense user interface overlays the Android system, and provides one of the most efficient and simple UIs of all mobile handsets.

The HTC Inspire 4G also offers an eight megapixel rear facing camera, with geo-tagging, special effects, autofocus and dual LED flash. The ability to record video in 720p high definition is also on board.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, microSD and microUSB slots are also present, and by way of DLNA tethering, HTC Inspire 4G owners can wirelessly send videos, movies and games to a DLNA capable TV monitor for enjoyment on a bigger screen. Full Adobe flash player support is provided as well.
Sprint and Verizon have become very aggressive with the pricing of their first-generation 4G handsets as of late. AT&T has followed suit, and dropped the retail price of the HTC Inspire 4G to $29 with a two-year activation. It is hard to call the HTC Inspire 4G a value or budget priced handset, however, at a price significantly in the bottom half of the 4G retail pricing structure for most handsets, that is exactly what this Android smartphone is.  Find out more information about the technical specifications, functions, and features in this HTC Inspire 4G Review.


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