HTC Inspire Comes With HSUPA Disabled?

We’ve recently caught wind that for some odd reason, though the HTC Inspire 4G is HSPA capable, it’s HSUPA functionality has been disabled.  No word from HTC or AT&T as of yet noting the reason why.  The folks over at Engadget managed to get their ears on some info regarding the issue from what they are calling a trusted source.  Here are some statements regarding the lack of fast up link speeds summarized by Engadget’s Chris Ziegler, one of my favorite nerd heroes of all time:  
  • Contrary to AT&T’s official line — which is flatly that the Inspire’s specs don’t include HSUPA — the hardware most certainly does support it.
  • For some reason, HSUPA has been disabled in the current firmware, but could be easily enabled in a future update if HTC and AT&T were to agree to do so. For what it’s worth, we’re not even aware of an HSPA+ chipset that lacks support for HSUPA, so that definitely sounds right.
  • We’ve also been told that AT&T’s network may simply have HSUPA disabled in 4G areas. That doesn’t necessarily make sense since other HSUPA-compliant devices on AT&T (like the iPhone 4, to name an obvious example) can regularly hit HSUPA uplink speeds, but we suppose it’s possible that there’s some specific incompatibility between the infrastructure and the chipset used by the Inspire. An eerily-similar incident has happened in the past, after all.
As more news trickles in on the topic, don’t worry Inspire 4G owners, we’ll get it out to you ASAP.  Until then, feel free to fire your thoughts, concerns and rants in the comments below.


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