HTC  Inspire 4G:  4G handsets, such as the HTC Inspire 4G, can basically be considered as having arrived in two different groups. There were those which were the first 4G smartphones to arrive in the mobile marketplace 5 to 10 months ago, and then there was this second tier of 4G phones with more powerful processors, usually better resolution displays, and other advanced features that have been rolling out the last couple of months. You can consider these first-generation and second-generation 4G handsets.

Sprint was the first wireless service provider to become extremely aggressive with their first generation 4G smartphones, pricing many of those first generation handsets anywhere from one penny to $19.99 with a two-year activation. It didn’t take Verizon long to do the same thing with those first-generation 4G phones to enter their LTE mobile broadband network. AT&T is decidedly a much bigger player than all the other United States mobile broadband service providers other than those two, and recently followed suit.

The HTC Inspire 4G is the latest phone to benefit from AT&T’s aggressive first-generation 4G handset pricing structure. The HTC Inspire 4G Android smartphone was recently dropped in price to $19.99 with a two-year activation at certain AT&T authorized retailers, and a new red model was also released at the same retail price. As cell phone manufacturers strive to differentiate themselves from the competition, with so many phones offering basically the same feature set, HTC has added a unique red backing and side plate proprietary to their Inspire 4G handset. The HTC Evo 3-D 4G phone and HTC  Evo 4G recently debuted white phone options as well.

Aftermarket slip on covers and skins are available in many colors, however, ill fitting and sometimes damaging to the handset, by HTC providing a unique red color for the Inspire and white colors for the Evo 3-D and Evo 4G handsets, there is simply one more option for the Android smartphone shopper. The HTC Inspire 4G Android smartphone has a 4.3 inch S-LCD capacitive touch screen with 480 x 800 pixel resolution, and the 4G standard light and proximity sensors with multitouch gesture support.  Buy the HTC Inspire 4G starting at only $19.99.

The Inspire 4G also has a rear facing eight megapixel camera which records in 720P high definition, and provides dual LED flash, autofocus, and geo-tagging features. A single core 1.0 GHz Snapdragon processor and 768 MB of RAM memory are on board, and out of the box, the HTC Inspire 4G ships with Android’s 2.2 Froyo operating system, but a free over the air upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3 was recently released.


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