Have you got an empty space in your backpack,but a wallet that’s full to bursting? Then HTC’s new Jetstream tablet might just be for you. It’s a solid offering of a Honeycomb tablet that’s tragically hamstrung by a $699.99 on contract starting price from AT&T.

Now HTC makes some incredibly solid phones and tablets. For my money (well, not my money, at least not in this case) they’re the best all-around manufacturer of Android devices bar none. And according to the initial impressions, that quality is all over the 10-inch Jetsteam, from its top-of-the-line specifications to its metal housing (not unlike its little brother the Flyer). In addition to the dual-core 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, this is the first tablet we’ve seen from any manufacturer with an 8 megapixel camera and 1080p recording. THe Jetstream in the first tablet we’ve seen that doesn’t trwat the camera like an afterthought.

Hands-on and Unboxing the HTC JetstreamOnce you get past that impressive fit and finish, there’s still a lot of high-end specs to consider. Other highlights include a massive 7300 mAh battery, a user-accessible MicroSD card slot, 32GB of internal storage and a “4G” HSPA+ wireless connection. Is all this worth the steep entry fee, not to mention a total life cost of ownership stretching past $1200 at the cheapest? That’s for you to decide. Check out device.ac’s HTC Jetstream page for an in-depth look under the hood.

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