HTC Nexus 9 Images Lands On The Web


Everywhere, Everyone in the tech land on the web is talking about the upcoming Nexus devices. Latest, we have received the HTC Nexus 9 images and it seems to be real rectangular with little rounded corners. After information about paperwork at FCC, Now we have got the actual picture of the device revealing its backside.


The image above has cleared a lot assumptions of having matte plastic frame instead of the metal frame in the HTC’s One series devices. There’s also a camera on the top side of the tablet along with flash behind it. From the the design it seems that Google has ditched the bezels that were seen on the Nexus 7 devices in last couple of years. Also on the top there are two tiny holes around the camera which are making no sense, but let us wait for the official announcements. Yesterday, FCC docs gave confirmation of WiFi (a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth, and NFC support.

So what you guys think of those two holes? Share your views via comments form below.


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