HTC One Accessories set for pre-order in UK

UK retailer Clove has posted a selection of toys including car docks, desktop cradles, and various case options for all member of the One family. The One X and One S of course have the largest variety of accessories as they are the top two of three devices in HTC new hero line of smartphones coming soon, while the One V sits with a basic set of cases and chargers. For the flagship HTC One X, you get a choice of no less than three cases: a hard shell, an ultra-thin hard shell, and a hard shell with a bonus cover and stand.

For the HTC One V, Clove has listed a Car Cradle and Charger, a black Hard Shell protective case, a set of 2 Screen Protectors, and a simple Gel Skin.

For the HTC One S, Clove has a slightly larger variety of items, starting with a set of 2 screen protectors, a black hard shell, clear “ultra thin hard shell”, a black slip case, a black hard shell with cover and stand, and a car cradle and charger.

Prices range from around £19.99 to £60 and all are expected to be in stock by mid to late April.
Source: Clove


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