HTC One M8 Eye to on the shelves in October


We have a leak, and this time it is HTC. According to the leak by the end of the month if October, a new HTC smartphone named as HTC One M8 Eye would be on the shelves for sale.

HTC One M8 Eye
The device not at all a new concept, as the name suggests it is more of a HTC One M8, but has a 13 Megapixel Duo Camera on the back. The original M8 had a 4 Megapixel Camera also in the Duo combination which also featured a depth sensor with the main sensor. Also in the HTC One M8 Eye the depth feature is present, but it seems HTC changed the ultrapixel feature this time in the device.

So this time the HTC One M8 features a normal 13 Megapixel sensor. Also it will be running on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat along with the Sense 6 on top of it. Also a leak suggested that the Eye will have a slightly bigger display than the M8, with the same resolution, but it is uncertain as of now. Rest all the specs and the hardware is to be the same.



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