HTC One M8 Fails To Bring Sales Up

By Umpreet Singh -

The past month has not been as good as expected for HTC with their sales dipping further despite having seen signs of growth in earlier months this year.

htc one e8 black
And the HTC One M8 was expected to change this trend with the widespread positive reviews that smartphone had received. But that did not happen, the sales for the smartphone giant dropped by 27.37% compared to last year and by 4.59% as compared to April.

There still is no clue so as to what led to this downfall, the One M8 has been receiving positive reviews worldwide. Now, the only backup plan left with the company are its relatively cheaper smartphones: The HTC One Mini 2 and the HTC One E8 which is a plastic clad version of the One M8. Cheaper versions mean more people would be able to afford the smartphones resulting in better sales for the company but that is a distant dream as the HTC One Mini 2 will not be released anytime before the end of June. So it looks like HTC has another hard month coming up.

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