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Along with Samsung, which is expected to come with its flagship device, Galaxy S6. HTC is also ready with its flagship named HTC One M9 and is expected to be out at the MWC 2015 on March 1 in Barcelona.

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As per the reports from Bloomberg, HTC is coming with the HTC One M9 unveiling, the device will feature impressive hardware, and will not be the only new product HTC showcases at MWC, as the Taiwanese vendor is alleged to also unveil its first smartwatch. HTC One M9 will boast a 20-megapixel camera.

As Bloomberg also sneaks that HTC also has some surprise for march 1st at MWC 2015. So we can expect a Smartwatch which is rumored for a long time. It will involve a partnership with Under Armour.

So how many of you are excited for this launch?


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