Popular phone leaker @evleaks has yet again revealed photos of an upcoming smartphone, this time the HTC One mini 2. Despite their repeated attempts, HTC just cant seem to keep their upcoming phone out of the public view as new photos of the phone sporting an aluminium body surfaced.


The phone also seems to lack a front camera, as was previously speculated. The photos that leaked online show the phone with yellow highlights and an aluminium back panel. Earlier, photos of the HTC One mini 2 had surfaced showing the phone in an array of three different colours. Just like its elder sibling HTC One M8, this phone will also be available in Gray, Silver and Gold.


The phone also largely resembles its elder sibling in its appearance and shape. Rumors also suggest the front panel of the smartphone will have software keys just like HTC One M8. The mini 2 is priced very aggressively, will it woo its customers? We are yet to find out.



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