HTC One V with Android 4.0


HTC turns things around with the HTC One V which might remind some of the HTC Legend thanks to a curved bottom of its unibody design. HTC One V more or less exudes craftsmanship and quality which HTC wants to be famous for – and with its amazing camera and authentic sound, this might just be the next best selling entry level smartphone in the market, at least for the Android-powered category.

Screen size (diagonal)3.7 inches

Clock speed1 GHz
Number of cores1

Resolution5 megapixels

Operating systemAndroid
Launch OS version4.0

All three One phones share the following key features:

  • High-speed cameras with F2.0 Aperture Lenses.HTC is putting a huge emphasis on its phone cameras, calling its suite of improvements Image Sense.the With the help of a dedicated camera coprocessor, the handsets are able to snap pictures in just .7 seconds, making it easy to snap a shot of the cat looking cute before he catches you staring at him and makes a funny face. In a brief hands-on at our office last week, we were able to snap a series of pictures of our conference room as fast as we could tap the picture button. However, we wish the phones had dedicated camera buttons, because you still have to wake your phone, unlock it and find the camera icon to start shooting. 
  • The cameras all have F2.0 aperture lenses, which should improve image quality, particularly in low light. At the press event, HTC CEO Peter Chou showed how the camera was able to take photos that were much brighter than shots of the same scene on the iPhone.The bundled camera software also allows you to shoot photos while you are filming a video just by tapping a button. That’s key for scenes that just won’t wait for you to film them twice, once with video and once with stills.
  • Android 4.0 with Sense 4. HTC has evolved its popular and attractive Android skin to give you the best of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, along with the best of HTC’s unique innovations. In addition to key innovations like an email client that puts important icons next to your messages when in landscape mode, Sense has useful and attractive features like the Friend feed widget that shows all your social media updates on the desktop and enhanced contact management.
  • Free 25GB of Dropbox: Users will get a two year account with Dropbox, which will allow them to store files in the cloud and sync them with any other devices they own, including their PCs. Dropbox is one of our favorite cloud services, but it normally charges users for any amount over 2GB so the 25GB of free storage is a huge benefit.
  • Physical Buttons: Like LG, HTC has decided to stick with a dedicated buttons for home, back, and menu functions. The virtual buttons that eat up screen real estate on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus aren’t here.
  • MediaLink Compatibility: Via their micro USB ports, all three One devices will be able to connect to an optional accessory called MediaLink that outputs up to 1080p to an external TV.
  • Beats Audio: High-quality Beats Audio processing is now built into the deepest levels of the OS so any music app can take advantage of the improved sound.



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