Atlast now HTC has been rolling out Jelly Bean in some more for HTC One X. HTC started update for HTC One X in October but most of the countries didn’t received it. Here’s host of new countries receiving HTC update today as unlocked users in several regions including India, Argentina, UK, Russia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil and Sri Lanka are all reportedly seeing the update.

Update is available in with HTC Sense 4+ is being pushed out in two separate parts: a smaller 1.25-1.6 MB file followed by the main 357-364 MB Android 4.1 update. Update is bigger sue to Sense UI and will take time so guys first get connected to WiFi and then update.

In US AT&T is also working on update and in some next weeks you will get update. Wait..

From here who received update?

via HTCSource


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