The HTC Rhyme is now officially available from Verizon Wireless for $200 on a 2-year agreement. The device is built with the working girl in mind and comes with a complete set of accessories featuring charm indicator for notifications, tangle-free headphones and a multifunctional docking station that acts as an alarm clock, digital picture frame and even comes with built in speakers.
And as a reminder, we posted earlier today that Target would be the first national retailer to sell the HTC Rhyme and while that may be true of brick and mortar stores, there’s nothing stopping online retailers like Wirefly from selling the device as well. Wirefly will offer the HTC Rhyme up for sale starting tonight at 3AM ET/12AM PT on their website.
Any of our female (or male) readers going to be picking one of these up? Not sure what it says about my masculinity that I actually find the Rhyme to be very appealing — maybe it has something to do with my man-purse.
[Via VerizonWireless]


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