Yes you read that title right, what we are hearing this evening is HTC is preparing to launch a HTC Sensation 2 SE or special edition with Beats Audio by Dr. Dre. First off I’m going to throw this instantly in the rumor mill for a few reasons. First being the Sensation hasn’t been out long enough to replace it, second being why call it special edition if all future HTC handsets are going to have the Beats Audio technology inside, just a thought.

This could be completely accurate, and might just be blowing smoke but over at CNET they apparently have all the details. What we can “expect” to see is a HTC Sensation 2 SE that will feature an upgraded 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor like what the HTC Jetstream will be powered by. That is faster than the original Sensation and its 1.2 Ghz CPU. It will feature the same 4.3″ qHD display but the leaked document says “advanced HD screen” which also makes it sound like someone is confused.

If the rumors are true we will be seeing the same 8MP camera on the rear, a slightly thicker design because they’ve also boosted the battery going from 1,520mAH to a more respectable 1,730mAh. It will be bundled with a nice set of Beats Audio headphones and may even have a Beats Audio logo on the rear or during the boot animation. While this all sounds nice I just don’t see the point, although it might get the Beats and HTC name out there together as one.
These details are just leaking so take it how you want. If we hear more we will be sure to report back. What do you guys think is this real, or just some rumor?
[via CNET]


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