I’ve been seeing a bit of comments as of late from many different places regarding the HTC Sensation and its CyanogenMod 7 status. Today I figured I’d give you all a small update to let you all know that it is coming, and soon. While technically I don’t know this for sure, the main man behind CM7 on the Sensation is Keyan Mobli (aka kmobs) and he’s been updating us occasionally on Google+ and the past few days we’ve received good news.

 Thanks to kmobs we now know that they basically just have one more bug or so to get over and we will start seeing nightly builds very soon.

Only one real issue remains that blocks CM7 for Sensation from nightly status. We’re really close guys.

Keyan also mentions that he’s been using CM7 on his Sensation 4G as his daily phone for a few weeks now and the pure speed, and consistency they are getting makes it one of the fastest phones he’s used. You can read all about that and his comments by checking out his Google+ at +Keyan Mobli.
Then another update came last night mentioning that once they get the camera fully working CM7 nightly builds for the HTC Sensation 4G will be able to start and that they’ve made some huge progress. From the comments it appears they’ve almost fixed all the bugs. From the looks of things and recent updates it sounds like we might be seeing CM7 on the HTC Sensation for the masses come sometime next week.  Or use the community provided way and achieve an unlocked bootloader, root, and a custom recovery using the Revolutionary tool.
CyanogenMod 7 for the HTC Sensation 4G is coming soon, keep calm and don’t ask for ETA’s and it will be here before you know it.
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