With all the news lately about the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D getting rooted and achieving S-OFF I’m sure a few of you are eager to see some top quality ROM’s for these devices. While there are many over on XDA I just happened to see a video preview of the Sensation 4G (T-Mobile) running CyanogenMod 7 thanks to developer kmobs.

I figured I’d share it with everyone to keep the excitement up as I’m sure plenty of users are patiently waiting to have CM7 on the awesome HTC Sensation. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a video preview but with all the developers hard at work on the EVO 3D and Sensation things are moving along nicely and hopefully we will get nightly builds in the next week or so.

From following kmobs over on Google+ as +Keyan Mobli I’ve seen a few different comments regarding the state of the Sensation 4G progress and while they’ve just got sound fully working things are still a work in progress. The video shows just about everything seems to be working great, that and from what we see its blazing fast too. I don’t know about you guys but I’ll be flashing CM7 on my Sensation as soon as I get the chance. We will be following the progress and will update as the nightly builds get closer.
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