The HTC Sensation and Sensation XE smartphones have so far been offered in black only. Geeks like to have a choice when they are buying a new smartphone so HTC has a white version of both the original HTC Sensation and the Sensation XE coming in a few weeks. The new color devices are pegged for launch on October 1 according to UK phone seller Phones4u.

That Sensation XE smartphone has only surfaced this week and looks to be a very nice device indeed. The Beats Audio tech and the included Beats headphones will make it a superior music phone. The XE also has a faster 1.5GHz processor compared to the 1.2GHz part in the original Sensation. HTC also has some new Windows Phones coming as well.
According to Phones4u, the Sensation XE in black or white will be free on £36 or more 2-year agreements. The normal white Sensation will be free on plans at £31 monthly or higher. If you don’t want a contract that Sensation XE will cost you a much heavier price at £489.95 according to retailer MobileFun and the date it lands is listed as October 7.
[via SlashGear]


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