Remember HTC’s $300 million deal with Beats Audio? Well, that union has brought about the first love child – the HTC Sensation XE, which we did talk about in the past in the form of a special edition for the HTC Sensation. It will come in a rather menacing black and red color scheme, and essentially, this is but your regular HTC Sensation, although it will come with the Beats Audio branding to boot. What can you expect if you decide to pry the case open?
Well, we start off with a 1.5GHz processor within, while the rather high capacity 1,730mAh battery would definitely be able to let you enjoy hour after hour of uninterrupted audio playback – and for watching movies, too. Up front, the 4.3″ qHD resolution display does not seem to be that hot these days in terms of real estate, but it should do the job nicely.


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