HTC Sensation XE v/s Nokia Lumia 800


Choosing between the Nokia Lumia 800 and HTC Sensation XE for your business is far from easy. Both are stunning smartphones, so let’s see how they compare.

The HTC Sensation XE is one of the Taiwanese brand’s latest powerful smartphones, built for pretty much any task – whether it be work or pleasure. The Nokia Lumia 800 is the phone Nokia that hopes will set a new standard in Nokia phones. And, it’s one of Nokia’s fastest yet. But can it cut it in the corporate world? Here’s a side-by-side look at both handsets.

HTC Sensation XE v Nokia Lumia 800: power
For getting things done, both the HTC Sensation XE and Nokia Lumia 800 are worth considering. The HTC Sensation XE sports a very quick 1.5GHz processor. This means that apps, documents and spreadsheets load quickly so that you spend less time waiting around, and more time doing the things that are most important. The Nokia Lumia 800 is just as capable. It has a 1.4GHz processor. Technically that makes it the slower of the pair, but most users will barely notice any difference between the two.
HTC Sensation XE v Nokia Lumia 800: screen
Screen size and quality is pretty important when it comes to using a phone for business. It’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time looking at it, so any screen will need to be large enough, and of high quality. Both the HTC Sensation XE and Nokia Lumia 800’s screens tick all the boxes when it comes to quality. But for that extra bit of screen real estate, the HTC Sensation XE is superior for working on. Its 4.3-inch screen (compared with the 3.7-inches of the Nokia Lumia 800) is great for viewing spreadsheets without having to strain for a closer look.
HTC Sensation XE v Nokia Lumia 800: memory
You’re going to need a healthy amount of storage to get the most out of your handset. Out of the box the Nokia Lumia 800 looks the more attractive proposition. Its 16GB mass memory appears to dwarf the 4GB of the HTC Sensation XE. However, the Lumia 800’s absence of any micro-SD card slot means 16GB is the limit of its storage. The HTC Sensation on the other hand can be upgraded via microSD card to house 32GB of storage – twice that of the Nokia Lumia 800.
HTC Sensation XE v Nokia Lumia 800: camera
Both The HTC Sensation XE and Nokia Lumia 800 carry reputable 8-megapixel cameras. The downside to the Nokia Lumia 800 is that it does not feature a front-facing camera – so video conferencing is out of the question. But if video calls don’t matter to you, the Nokia Lumia 800, with its Carl Zeiss lens, takes the better photos.
HTC Sensation XE v Nokia Lumia 800: operating system
It’s the Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) operating system of the HTC Explorer XE versus the Windows 7.5 Mango system of the Nokia Lumia 800. Deciding upon a leader here is tricky. Android has been a mainstay of some of the very best smartphones in recent years. Both Android and Mango are slick, and easy to operate, and both have features and applications that let you work on the move and the ability to sync your calendar for meetings and planning ahead. The Nokia Lumia 800 has Microsoft Office, while the HTC Sensation XE gets Google Docs. Business features-wise, both are on a level playing field. Though it must be said, Windows 7.5 Mango is the more visually appealing operating system.
HTC Sensation XE v Nokia Lumia 800: dimensions
The HTC Explorer XE features a bigger screen, but this comes at the expense of portability, so it will take up more space in your pocket – bigger than the Nokia Lumia 800 in height, width and thickness. It is also the heavier phone – weighing 151 grams compared with the Nokia Lumia 800’s 142 grams.
HTC Sensation XE v Nokia Lumia 800: the winner
Overall, it is difficult to separate the two handsets on business use alone. Both are well powered and fully featured smartphones. However, the HTC Sensation XE comes out on top in nearly every category, besides size. If not being able to fit your phone in your top pocket doesn’t matter to you, the HTC Sensation XE is almost certainly the business phone for you.


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