It’s no mistake that we’ve got more than a couple posts each week regarding Target Superstore, it’s just logical – yours truly lives in the heart of the beast, the birthplace of Target itself, Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota. The ad you see below was photographed inside the Target which sits on the very ground where the first Target in the world once stood (unfortunately it was terrible, apparently, and they had to knock it down to make way for a much better building to house Target once again.) Wild! Now that you’ve got the facts, let’s talk about these devices on sale: three of them are running Android and all three of them have a deal attached.

First there’s the most awesome nearly-vanilla Motorola device by the name of Virgin Mobile Triumph. This is a device we first laid eyes on in NYC when we came to realize the awesomeness of the truth: it was the first time Motorola had offered a device as stripped down as this at an off-contract price as low as this, and it was being carried by Virgin Mobile no less.
Then there’s the HTC Status [aka HTC ChaCha] [internationally, that is] carried by AT&T. While we’d recently heard rumors that this device’s end of life would be much sooner than anyone could have possibly guessed, we’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for the uniquely wonderful keyboard from back when we reviewed the device a few weeks ago. Beyond that it’s what they’ve called “The Facebook Phone” because there’s literally a physical Facebook button sitting near the bottom of it. Also get yourself a unique flavor of HTC Sense with this landscape oriented display on a portrait-style smartphone. The deal here is that while this device is inexpensive in the first place at $29.99 (or $399.99 off-contract), you can get it for free today from Target with a 2-year contract.
Finally there’s the low to mid-tier T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart. We reviewed this device and found it to be acceptably filled with Android, but not a whole lot more beyond that. It’s a Samsung device, it’s got a nice look to it, and today you can get it for free on a 2-year contract. Tough decision you’ve got here.


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