The iPhone-aping MIUI family of custom Android ROMs is gaining a lot of support lately, and not just for that pretty interface. The latest device to get the official nod from the MIUI team is the HTC Thunderbolt, after the patient and dutiful efforts of the independent developers. The Thunderbolt won’t be added to the MIUI tree for a while, but you can download the latest feature-complete version from RootzWiki now.

For the uninitiated, MIUI is a community-created ROM that runs on a variety of Android phones, with a homescreen and color scheme that should be familiar to those with a hankering for iDevices. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II, Optimus 2X and DROID Incredible are officially supported. New and improved versions of the ROM are posted each and every Friday, making MIUI a popular choice for those who have to be on the bleeding edge. Full theme support and a variety of Gingerbread customizations are present.
While the latest version of the (currently) unofficial Thunderbolt port is far from perfect, all the important bits are there, including access to Verizon’s 4G LTE. MMS is still non-functional, though that’s being actively pursued by lead dev “DroidVicious”. Some users are still reporting some battery issues and trouble getting a GPS fix. Try it out on your rooted Thunderbolt, but remember: Nandroid backups are your friends.


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