HTC Thunderbolt ICS test Builds Coming Soon

HTC customers were left drooling over the new version of Sense and Android 4.0 that came along with it. Well, if you’re currently still holding onto your aging HTC Thunderbolt, we may have some good news that will breathe new life into the device.

Now that Mobile World Congress is over and we all saw an awesome first hand look at the new HTC One series and their latest Sense UI 4.0 everyone is probably wondering about the current crop of phones. While the Thunderbolt was one of the last HTC phones to get Android 2.3 Gingerbread it looks like HTC wont let the same happen with Ice Cream Sandwich. According to Vzbuzz HTC will start sending test devices to a select few users starting as soon as next week.

It’s still unclear if the Thunderbolt will be receiving the all new Sense 4.0 as found on the HTC One X and One S — or the slightly toned down Sense 3.6 as found on the HTC One V.


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