Earlier in the week some big news came out of the Intel Developer’s Forum in San Francisco, CA.  When Andy Rubin delivered his address to attendees he said that new Android phones would incorporate Intel chip sets and furthermore Intel powered Android handsets would be optimized for Intel throughout the entire device.  The new Intel Android devices would be utilizing the Medfield chip.
An unsourced news piece on a website called Bright Side of News is suggesting that the rumors at IDF were  that HTC would be the developer for the new Intel device.  Although the device shown by Rubin and Intel at the conference was a reference build with no manufacturer associated with it, a few folks we talked to who attended IDF said that the form factor and design looked like it was made by HTC.  Rumor has it that the Intel powered HTC Android device will be ready by CES.
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Despite losing their chief of innovation, Horace Luke, back in July HTC seems to be full speed ahead on a path of new innovations happily surrounded by Android.  Last month HTC announced their $300 million dollar partnership with Beats By Dre that won’t only give better sound to HTC devices but lend some street credibility for the Taiwanese manufacturer.  HTC also brought back the “stylus” in the case of the HTC Flyer and HTC JetStream it’s a digital pen but they made it cool again to control a tablet with a pen like device. A move that sparked Samsung into building the stylus into their new Galaxy Note.
Now, with this latest rumor about Intel, HTC proves again that they aren’t afraid to test the waters.


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