htc u12+

The Taiwanese giant, HTC has released the HTC U12+ source code. Now, the developers would be able to generate custom ROMs on the basis of the source code. Since HTC is facing huge competition from the other tech giants, HTC U12+ is overshadowed by the devices rom Samsung, LG and OnePlus. HTC is reeling under loss from past couple of years. The saga is still continuing as none of the device from the HTC is making into top list of devices.

HTC Desire 12

Well, coming back to the source code for HTC U12+, users can download it from the HTCdev website. HTC has provided ten different kernel source code to choose from depending upon different regions and variants. They have different version s of the code for different markets.

HTC U12+ is available in India, Russia, EU, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc. The source code of HTC U12+ is based on the Android 8.0 Oreo.

The geeks and developers, head over to the source link below and download the source code. Users, you need to remain patient asĀ  it may take some time to get hold on custom ROMs.

How many of you are waiting for the kernel source ?


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