So we know that HTC has plans to launch several new Windows Phone 7​.5 handsets – namely the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar, but oddly enough given HTC’s partnership with Beats Audio, no Beats Audio technology integration was found on either WP7 handset, at least not according to their specs. 
We know that Beats Audio integration will be first seen on the HTC Sensation XE and possibly in HTC’s upcoming Android PMP (portable media player), the HTC Beat, but where has Beats Audio integration gone as far as Windows Phone 7 devices are concerned? Well fret not as HTC has not forgotten their Windows Phone 7 devices and have confirmed that they are working together with Beats Audio in order to integrate that technology into Windows Phone 7 devices.
No word on when or which models can expect to see the integration, but given how the Sensation XE is basically the HTC Sensation with Beats Audio integration, we wouldn’t put it past HTC to do something similar for their WP7 handsets. HTC Titan XE, anyone?


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