huawei 5g foldable details

As we all know, Huawei is also preparing to launch a foldable smartphone that too with 5G network support. In order to make it compete against the upcoming Samsung’s foldable device, Huawei is endeavoring it with a 5G support and many other luxurious features. The Chinese company seems to be working very hard to make it useful rather than just being foldable.

huawei 5g foldable details

Huawei 5G foldable smartphone has got into the news once again as it has been showcased to South Korean carriers. As per the information from the ET News in South Korea, it is believed that the Chinese manufacturer has already showcased the final product. Huawei seems to be quite fast, as instead of the prototype they showcased the original product to the carriers in South Korea.

Well, if it is true than it is a quite commendable job from Huawei. Further, it is now clear that Huawei is done with the development of the foldable phone. Though, the source was unable to fetch more details regarding the specs and features that it will carry.

The South Korean and the U.S. are the only countries which will get 5G network by the first half of 2019. Later, next year, other countries like Japan China and Europe will see commercialization of the 5G networks. It is a good time for OEMs to manufacture 5G compatible phones. Well, Huawei is readying itself to launch foldable 5G smartphone by the third or fourth quarter of 2019.

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It is expected to arrive at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019 in Barcelona. It will come with flexible OLED panels. Along with 5G connectivity, it will feature 7.3-inch foldable display, which will get converted to 5-inches when folded.

Additionally, LG is also coming with the foldable smartphone, at next year CES 2019.



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