Huawei becomes No 1

Huawei becomes No. 1 manufacturer in Mobile Phone shipments in Chinese market in Q2 2018. This information is made public by the market research organization says according to¬† a data servey. Huawei’s four phones are in the Top 10 besting selling smartphones list.

Huawei becomes No 1 Manufacturer for Mobile Phones in China

Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi are the other important players in the Chinese market. in Top 50 Selling list for smartphones there are phones of Huawei, Vivo and Oppo. Although Xiaomi doesn’t have much there in china, but in India it is the largest manufacturer. IN Indonesia also Xiaomi is doing very well and becomes the second largest¬† smartphone manufacturer.

Coming back to Huawei has launched its phones in every price sections and cheaper than any other. That’s the reason why Huawei has emerged as No. 1 Mobile phone manufacturer in China. Moreover there are rumors that Huawei is expected to launch its Mate 9 Pro with triple rear cameras. Which is very unique in the market and not announced by the any other manufacturers.

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