Huawei Honor Promises OS Upgrade up to 24 months for Current and Future devices


Huawei’s Honor brand today announced that they will at least provide OS Upgrade up to 24 months to the of current phones and even to the Future devices. Last year Google has also promised that they will provide up to 3 Years of Security upgrade and 2 Years of OS Upgrade  to there Nexus Devices.

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The promise from Honor becomes more interesting because, Honor is typically sells its phones for comparatively low prices. So Huawei Honor becomes one of the first manufacturer who have promised the these services. This will be make a big difference in the sales of the Android phones in the future, because there are so many OEMs in the Android manufacturing field. Out all the OEMs with few exceptions here and there make an Android smartphone and they didn’t provide the service like OS updates and security updates. Users are fed up from these kind of things from the OEMs.

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With this announcement we can expect that Huawei Honor 8 which is launched few days back will get the Android O update for sure and might be it also get the Android P update. So its a good step taken by the company. What you people think about it?


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